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Top 5 Aphrodisiac Foods

Sex life is awesome at the beginning of a relationship. For some people it doesn’t stop there and they continue to experience great sex even many years after their first night. There are couples that complain, though, as time goes by, about their libido that strangely decreases. We all know there are some spiritual recommendations people are talking about. These can be making some changes like:   changing positions, watching erotic movies, trying different sex toys and so on and so far.

Have you ever thought that common food can contain some ingredients that can boost your libido? We would like to present you 5 of the most wanted foods that can bring you unforgettable erotic nights:

  1. Watermelon

This tasty fruit can increase your libido by improving blood circulation through lycopene and citruline. Due to its vitamins, this amazing fruit will not only improve your health but also your sex life. 

  1. Oyster

Oyster is one of the most common libido boosters that exist. Its ingredients are an amazing combination that will definitely improve your sex life. Dopamine is one part of oyster that it is known for increasing the libido. The other important part of oyster is zinc. Its properties are known for increasing sperm quality and testosterone.

  1. Banana

This well known fruit is full of potassium and vitamin B, parts of this fruit which will increase the libido. And we all know how gorgeous a woman looks eating a banana in an erotic way.

  1. Honey

People who like to make their sex life intense and to add some kinky moments into their erotic nights will definitely use honey. From another point of view, honey contains boron, an ingredient that is known for adjusting the level of estrogen and testosterone.

  1. Chocolate

As well as honey, chocolate can be used pretty well in some erotic nights to surprise your sex partner. Phenylethylamine is one ingredient of chocolate that induces a sort of feeling similar with the one induced by endorphins. It is known that women produce four times more endorphins during foreplay than men.

With all these being said, it is a wonderful thing to do your best to spice a little bit your sex life with your partner.  No matter what changes you need to make in order to boost your libido, it is all worth it, right? So what are you going to eat at dinner tonight?


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