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5 Signs She Wants to Sleep with You

Sometimes, women can be incredibly hard to read. We give signals that you couldn’t even follow with a map! But there are a few signs that you just can’t ignore- signs that could only mean one thing.  Here are the five signs that a girl wants to sleep with you.

  1. She gets more physical with you

A lot of women are naturally flirty and touchy-feely, but you should be able to tell the difference when she does these things:

  • Makes an effort to get closer to you- this includes hugs, cuddles and massages
  • Touches you in intimate places like your thighs, lips, chest and neck
  • Kisses you deeply- includes licking your lips and using tongue


  1. She talks about sex with you

Of course, a lot of women love talking about sex! So why would that mean that she wants to sleep with you? Well, if her questions are directed at you and she wants to know your favorite positions and what you like doing in the bedroom or even sexts you, it isn’t just curiosity.


  1. She invites you over to her place

Most women don’t just invite random men over- it’s just not something that we do. So, when a woman does and you show up and she’s very something that really shows off some of her best assets, know that you’ll be in for a treat.

Ps. It’s not presumptuous to walk prepared.


  1. She wants to know what your place and plans are like

If the girl you’re dating lacks privacy at home, she’ll definitely start asking questions about yours. So, questions like “who do you live with?” “how long will your roommate be gone?” and “what is your routine like?”  are pretty obvious signs that she’s really thinking, logistically, about getting it on with you.



If a woman telling you that she wants to sleep with you isn’t a sign, we don’t know what is. For some women, it’s not easy to come right out and say it, so when one does, you better believe she’s being serious.

Disclaimer: This article exists merely to make you aware of a woman’s sexual interest. You should ALWAYS get verbal consent before attempting to sleep with anyone.

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