About Us

Welcome to Adult Planet! Nestled in the heart of Yorkshire, we launched our online sex shop back in January 2019 with one clear goal: to shake up the way we all think about sex and masturbation. We've moved from the shadows of taboo into a more open, celebratory space, and we're here to bring fresh, positive changes to the world of sexual wellness.

Starting out from a bricks-and-mortar business in a completely different industry, we found our true passion in advocating for a sex-positive culture. At Adult Planet, we’re dedicated to helping you unlock the full potential of your sexual self. Whether you're curious about exploring new aspects of your sexuality, looking to enhance your solo adventures, or eager to add a bit more spice to your relationship, we’ve got the tools and tips to help. From women’s sex toys to men’s sex toys, and everything in between, we cater to all.

As a leading bondage shop in the UK, we offer a vast array of products that suit a variety of tastes and preferences. Our range includes everything from luxurious lingerie that makes you feel amazing to innovative couples' sex toys, essential BDSM gear, and more. We're here to help you elevate your sexual experiences to a whole new level.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and seamless as possible, from the moment you start browsing our extensive collection to when your discreet package safely arrives at your door. We cherish hearing from our customers—your feedback and ideas are invaluable as they help us grow and improve, ensuring that we continue to meet your expectations and deliver the very best in sexual wellness.

Adult Planet is more than just an online sex shop; we're a catalyst for change in how society views and enjoys sexuality. We are excited to lead the way toward a more liberated and joyful sexual future. So why not join us on this exciting journey? Let’s explore all the wonderful possibilities of pleasure together!