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Sexting Safely: Three Things You Should Know

Sexting is all fun and games until someone’s nudes and information ends up on the internet and their life is almost destroyed. If you’d still like to have fun sending sexy pictures and texts, but be careful about the way you do it, here are the things you need to do.

  1. Don’t Show Your Face

The number one rule of sexting is not to show your face, especially if you’re trying to stay safe. It’s also a great idea to not include distinguishing features like tattoos and birthmarks in the pictures as well.

  1. Use A Secure Device

Devices like phones and laptops can be hacked with a few clicks of a mouse. So, make sure you’re sending messages over a secure connection and with a secured device.

  1. Delete When You’re Done

There are some very nosy people out there and we’re in an age where people can get into your phone relatively easily. Deleting the pictures right away keeps you safe from snoopers.

  1. Don’t Drink While Sexting

It’s an all too common occurrence that people send their nudes or sexy messages to the wrong person or upload them on the wrong profile while drinking. So, avoid it all together and just don’t.

  1. Find A Trustworthy Partner

All of the above would be for nothing if you had a partner you don’t trust. Never give more than you get and make sure your partner has just as much to lose as you do.

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