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5 Ways to Tell She's Faking It In The Bedroom

Ways to Tell She’s Faking It In the Bedroom

Women are puzzling creatures who sometimes try to “fix” our egos by not being the most genuine when it comes to their orgasms. And while we may feel good about bringing a girl to the big “O,” it can leave some wondering whether it really happened or not. Here are the signs that your girl may be faking it:

  1. The Contractions Are MIA

When women orgasm, their vaginal walls ripple and pulse. If hers isn’t doing that and you don’t feel a flutter, at the very least, then she isn’t having an orgasm.

  1. Zero Recovery Time

After an orgasm, most people can’t think, move or even talk. One’s recovery time is basically how long they take to, you know, get back to normal after the high of such a release. If she has a recovery time of zero seconds, then she has not orgasmed.

  1. She Comes Whenever You Tell Her To

Having an orgasm is not something you can just command a woman to do. If your partner orgasms every time you snap your fingers and say “come for me,” something is definitely up.

  1. Her Breathing Is Even

The sexual excitement alone should change her breathing patterns. When she’s near orgasm, it’ll change even more. If her breathing remains the same throughout the act, there was no orgasm.

  1. Her Timing is Amazing

It’s not exceptionally rare that a woman orgasms the same time as her man. But if she’s making a habit out of timing her orgasms to sync with yours, they’re not real.

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