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Our Top Sex Festive Tips for Christmas 2020

'Tis the season to be jolly, or in our case, a little bit on the cheeky side. Whilst we appreciate you have been running around buying presents and spreading Christmas cheer, we know you need a bit of ‘me time’ or ‘us time’.

So, put down the wrapping paper and grab the lube whilst we guide you through our festive sex tips.


Festive Sex Calendar

Now, we know we may be a little late to the sex party to, but one idea could be a to purchase or make your own festive sex calendar. Behind the secret doors, you could either put little treats such as flavoured lube, mini vibrators or even pieces of lingerie you would like to see your partner in.


Our Festive Sex Position

You may disagree with us, but we believe that the sex position ‘The Love Hug’ is the best festive sex position of 2020. To do this position, the male must sit up right whilst the female sits on top hugging themselves round the male by using their arms and legs.

Why do we love this position? Well, for a starters it’s not necessarily going to make your bed squeak loudly which makes it great if you have family stopping over this Covid Christmas. Also, the position adds intimacy as you can see into each other’s eyes and share a few kisses.


Bring Some Festive Food To Bed

Hold up! We aren’t talking about that kebab you brought home from a social distanced night out with your five friends. Oh no, we are talking about bringing some sexy foods to bed for you and your partner. We know that with Christmas, comes sweets and chocolate, why not melt some of your chocolate and start foreplay by licking chocolate off of body parts from your partner? What could be better?


Santa Baby…

Over time, Christmas has been sexualised and something about the Santa costume is just downright sexy. One way we think you could spice up your Christmas sex life is to get in role and add something Christmassy. Whether you go full out with a short Christmas fluffy red dress and a hat or go diving through your cupboard to find some sexy stockings, thong and bra combo.

Whatever you decide, enjoy the look on your partners face when they get to undress their Christmas present this year….


Jingle Jingle or Should we say, Tingle Tingle

Hands up who likes lube? We love it, cant get enough of it. It taste goods, feels good and overall, gets you in the best mood (or at least it does for us!). This year has seen some ultimate different types of lube.

Our chosen lube this Christmas is this tasty as lube Salted Caramel. For less than a fiver you get a great taste and an even better sensation.


Festive Porn

You may not have tried it, or it may not be your style, but one way to get in the mood could be to watch festive porn. We think the whole ‘Naughty and Nice List’ and Santa Spilling his sack everywhere is not only slightly funny, but gets our heart racing also.

If you and your partner are a bit more adventurous, why not make your own personal festive porn for when you are on your own. We know that every little helps when sorting out your urge.

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