From first thought, you wouldn’t think that mindfulness and sex link together. But actually, combining a two can be a thing! Did you know this can increase some physical sensation, create greater intimacy and actually build bigger better orgasms.

We all know, sex can be an emotional thing that creates a connection, physically and mentally. By including mindfulness in the right way, it can bring out a new side to your sex life.


What is Mindfulness Sex?

Mindfulness is simple, its all about being within the moment. All about creating a meaning focus and listening to both your mind and body for every sensation.

Mindfulness sex is basically taking the time out to focus yourself and feel all the enjoyments and sensations. This concentration on the end goal can help to make sexy time an incredible place to be!


Are There Benefits of Mindful Sex?

As we said, mindfulness sex is about concentrating rather than being distracted. There is nothing worse than thinking about the jobs list or where you left your keys during sex. A wandering mind is never ideal – it takes you out of the moment and can make sex become repetitive and dull.

A benefit to mindfulness sex is it brings a new perspective as it helps to refocus the mind and bring your attention back to yours and your partner’s body.

Did you know that sex brings more intimacy and can bring a couple closer? Which in turn allows mindfulness sex the ultimate way of relieving stress. Taking this time out of the day to have mindfulness gives you and your partner time to really connect and forget about the rest of the world.

An interesting aspect of this type of sex is that it does not focus on orgasms, it’s all about the end goal. This can remove a lot of pressure from the situation.


Try Mindfulness Sex

Want to get started? Read our top tips!

  1. Communicate – it will be said forever but one of the most important things is communication. Make sure you talk to your partner, discuss what you enjoy and what you would like from the outcome of sex
  2. Try Meditation & Mindfulness – try to make the habit of using mindfulness in your day-to-day life. This could be through meditation or taking the time to unwind in a way that suits yourself.
  3. Learn Your Body – a way to get know your body could be through masturbation. This allows you to learn what you like in the bedroom which can be communicated to your partner.
  4. Prepare the Sexual Environment - If you are attempting to have mindful sex, try and choose a time where you will not be interrupted, this is key. Having time set aside where you won’t be distracted will help you to focus on yourself. Why not try relaxing yourself with candles, soothing music, mood lighting or all three!
  5. Focus Your Sensations – the point of mindful sex is to try and enjoy every little moment rather than racing to an orgasm. Again, no distractions!
  6. Use Senses – if you do get distracted, try focus on other parts of the moments to draw yourself back in. Such as, what can you smell, what can you feel, taste, hear or see.