With the nights drawing in and the weather turning from warm to cold, the autumnal/ wintertime can feel a bit pants! So, the question most may be thinking is, how do I keep my relationship exciting when the rain is pouring outside. Well fear not! We are here with some more tips and tricks for stay-at-home dates that are cost effective and will put a smile on your face.


Recreate a Fancy Dinner

Wanting to make a homely feel to your night? Sometimes going to restaurants can be fun, being cooked for, no washing up. But there is the issue of expensive bills and not being able to rip each other’s clothes off.

Our first tip is making a fancy dinner at home with your partner. Maybe try an aphrodisiac meal (foods that arouse sexual instinct) such as chocolate, strawberries, oysters or asparagus. Perhaps not in that order.

You could take it turns to do your own themed night and different type of foods. Light some candles, dim the lights and make an atmosphere to feed all your sensors.


Have A Picnic Indoors

Instead of having a picnic wet through and in the wind, bring the picnic indoors. Set up a blanket in your living room, light the firs, hang fairy lights, whatever you have to create the scene.

Get the bubbles out, mini pork pies, hummus and carrot sticks, whatever you fancy eating.

Why not make it a sex orientated picnic? Bring aphrodisiacs to the scene. Why not even try a picnic in your sexy underwear! Come on get the lot on, yes even the stockings. Where else can you have a sexy picnic?


Home-Spa Night

Lets get relaxed and sensual. Why not have a weekday night with massage oils, scented candles and a whole lot of fun.

You could try giving each other sensual massages whether it be on your back, feet, head or shoulders. Or perhaps run a bubble bath to share with a glass of wine. You could cuddle together whilst feeling clean!


Games Night

This could be something traditional like Monopoly or something a bit species such as rolling the sex dice.

A good shout, a classic some would say, is strip poker. Go on, put your sexy lingerie on under that jumper and let your partner work to get it off.

Looking for some fun sex games? We have a load on Adult Planet to choose from.


Try A Sex Position Night

Every read a mag and thought ooo wonder what that would feel like. Why not have a night of trying new things. Ever tried 69ing standing up? Us neither but it sounds like it could be good fun.


Couple Sex Toys

Draw them curtains and let’s get down to business. Go on give it a go there must be a few that you want to try?

A personal stay in fun couple’s date for us is to get the sex toys out (maybe new or old favourites) and get them vibrating. Try new toys or positions and find what works for you. Tease each other and get each other horny as!

Ps, if you didn’t know already, we sell sex toys so you can always browse on our website 😉