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What Lingerie to Buy for your Girlfriend, Wife or Significant Other?

With so many special occasions like an anniversary, valentines or birthday always just around the corner, here at Adult Planet we know that it can be tricky business when it comes to buying that perfect gift for your partner. We not only understand all the stresses and pain you go through when trying to find a unique gift, we are here to help alleviate it, and alleviate it we will!

Our suggestion is of course to buy some seriously sexy lingerie! Now, stepping foot in to the lingerie section of any store can be daunting, but Adult Planet Online shopping is here to save the day!

Here is our 5 step plan to getting your girl the best gift she (and you) could ask for!


1. Confidence

There is no need to worry about how long you've been together for. Lingerie as a gift can absolutely be intimidating especially going into a store. Lingerie traditionally turns men on and often the present isn't as much a present for your partner as it is a gift to yourself. The truth is that most girls like sexy lingerie just as much for the same reasons; it is a big turn on knowing you are looking and feeling great and that you've got your partner going too. Play on this and remember that you want your partner to feel sexy. It doesn't matter if it's a new relationship or long standing one; buying any beautiful lingerie as a gift is one of the best ways to keep the attraction alive.


2. Know Her!

Build up a picture of how your feels feels in the undergarments that she currently enjoys wearing. It is safe to say that she is bashful, moderate, hesitant or active, challenging and ready to exposed all? This may determine your level of sexiness in the lingerie...

At the point when you purchase underwear for your sweetheart or spouse, it actually should be about them. There is a major contrast between what men find provocative on ladies and what ladies find attractive on themselves. Do not be selfish! A lady can quickly tell that you purchased the underwear that you think looks great on her without considering her while you were looking for that ideal sexy style. 


3. Style? Size?

Get your prep work done and come organised! Take a look in your partners clothing cabinet while she isn't looking before you go out on the town to shop. Note down her #1 things and record what her bra size is – or basically snap a photo of the name label. Check the size on two or three things as sizes can separate marginally across brands and styles.

After you found her size you can proceed onward deciding her style. There are three things to observe:

Bras: push up? balconette? plunge?

Underwear: briefs? boyshorts? straps? pants?

Texture: cotton? silk? lace?

Remember the various colour alternatives too! In the event that you don't know about the colour of choice, look for something classy yet modern. Dark is consistently a smart thought when you're purchasing undergarments for your better half, spouse or other!


4. The Purchase

At Adult Planet we offer upscale and special extravagance underwear sets for ladies. You get what you pay for more often than not and top of the line undergarments can have a really magical impact. When you purchase Lingerie as a gift, the classy and sexy thing to do is to purchase the bra and panties as a set. There is nothing worse than having the mismatch when you are trying to admire the body in those garments! Whenever you've picked the bra, finding coordinating pants ought to be simple. You can finish the look with extras, for example, stockings, attractive suspenders and ties. Remember to spare the receipt just on the off chance that your thoughtful choice and guessing on sizes was a little off. 


5. Giving the Gift

The last touch is the most important, correct? Picking the ideal gift wrapping to make this moment special, is as important as what goes inside the gift wrap or bag. Request that the underwear be put inside a gift box, and if this isn't possible, go buy a simple and elegant gift box from your nearest card or stationary shop. 

Giving her some sexy lingerie as a gift, is a lovely surprise and can make her feel a million dollars, and not only should it be enjoyable for her of course when she wears it, it should be just as enjoyable for you too!

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