Music can do lots of things for us. It can lift our moods, it can make us cry, it can get us totally pumped...but, can it get us in the mood?! Well, we use it to enhance our workouts, relax us when reading or get us in the zone before a sports match (!), so why wouldn't it make a difference to our sexual experience?

The reasons why having a banging playlist on while you are getting it on are plentiful. The music can set you a great rhythm to follow and build up with and set the pace for your kinda vibe! It's obviously a bit difficult to perhaps be prepared with your tunes when you have some spontaneous sex, a quicky or if you're having a one night stand. I'm pretty sure the vibe could be lost through the tinny sounds of your mobile speaker.

Music can be a game changer, and can have enhancements to your sex just like when you use a great couples sex toy, cheeky little vibrator, butt plug, or maybe lube. Want to go a little slower? Then opt for some soft tempo songs, with simple melodies and a slow and steady beat. Want something rougher (you go!) or kinkier, then there are some selections for this too. While we have compiled the 5 best from our research, we will recommend what 'kind' of sex will suit your song selection. 

So, we've done the hard part, all you need to do is add them to your sexy sex playlist, hook it up to a decent sound system, and set the scene so you can be on your way to giving you and your partner the most luscious pleasure and banging orgasms!

1. Often - The Weekend

The weekend seem to make some seriously sexy tunes. Some give a real deep and dirty vibe where others are sensual (until you listen to the lyrics!)

2. Lollipop - 'Lil Wayne

Old school but does the job

3. I want your Sex - George Michael

Just tell them how it is!

4. Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera, Lil’Kim, Mya, Pink

Burlesque, sexy and absolute classic

5. Raspberry Berret - Prince

All time classic with some lovely seductive lines

6. Hot in Here - Nelly

Not exactly subtle, but perfect for getting on the grind!

7. Like a virgin - Madonna

Say no more

8. Sexual Healing - Marvin Gaye

This has to be on the sex playlist - right?!

9. Future Sex / Love Sounds - Justin Timberlake

Just a great song, and the mood changes so you can change your tempo and rhythm

10. Naughty Girl - Beyonce

Just so Naughty