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Understanding the Prostate

So many men do not know what the prostate serves to do, when it doesn't 'look' right or what to do if there is a problem. We have put together a guide to try help you understand more about the purpose of the prostate really is, how to keep it in good health and how to tell if you may have a problem.


What does the prostate actually do?

In short, the prostate helps to make some of the fluid that makes up part of the semen. This gland rests below the bladder and at the front of the rectum and rests around the urethra. The prostate forms part of the male reproductive system and should be approximately the size of a walnut.


What should the prostate feel like?

A normal prostate comes in the shape of a heart. As you age, the prostate does naturally get bigger but generally should weigh between 7 - 16g but on average is 11g. The prostate should be firm, however it shouldn't have any 'hard spots'. There are some warning signs of an abnormal prostate such as hard spots; general or locally or nodules. It is best to get a proper clinical examination if you think there are signs of abnormality.


How does the Prostate Provide Pleasure?

For some men it is possible to reach orgasm through prostate massage alone, which is why the prostate can be known as 'the male g-spot'.

There are two different theories on how the prostate actually provides this level of pleasure for men. One theory is based on the idea of the body of nerves that centralise at the prostate called the prostatic plexus. Located near the spine in the pelvic plexus and these come from the lower part of this pelvic plexus. Where the magic happens though, is through the combination of the prostate, the penis and the urethra are all attaching to these nerves. This is the secret to the very high level of sexual pleasure that is achieved from the prostate area!

There is another theory though. The other theory is based on your mental space and ability to use your mind to focus on the pleasure spot. To be fair, a good theory for any sexual stimulation! Here though, obviously the focus is on the prostate. When we do this, more pleasure can be gained over time, building and building to intense orgasms. So the theory is using the brain, not the bum! We know our brains have a huge and complex part to play in how sexually aroused we  can become, but with all your attention focussed on the prostate alone, with practice, is said to help induce an orgasm... or two! 

The prostate provides a much different kind of male orgasm. It gives a deeper, stronger, more powerful orgasm that a through stimulation of the penis alone. The interesting thing is, through penile stimulation, the orgasm centralises at the prostate, however is not an orgasm from the prostate therefore doesn't give the same intensity as when the prostate has been stimulated.

There are so many ways which the prostate can be stimulated. Many couples (heterosexual) do not engage in this kind of stimulation. Well, they really are missing a trick! If couples do have a go with some form of prostate massage, it usually is by using a finger to gently massage inside the anus, trying to reach the prostate. However the downfall of this method, is that often the finger doesn't actually reach the prostate. There are now many great toys on the market to achieve prostate stimulation. According to Men's Health, 16 of the best prostate massagers are included in this article:

16 of the Best Prostate Massagers - Men's Health Mag

We have some Adult Planet recommendations below, however we always recommend using lube for anything going up the anus. Our HUGE range of lube can be found here:

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