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Sex Terms You Should Know - Letter 'D'

Ever wondered what certain words mean? Everyone else seems to know, apart from you? 

We got you covered. Here is our thoughtfully curated list of sex and sexual slang terms starting with the letter 'D'.



A certain type of fetish where people enjoy witnessing other people crying. Often a fetish of sadists who like to dominate their submissive to the point of tears.



A dominant partner. Often a significantly older partner and one who provides for the submissive partner in a number of different ways.


Daisy Chain

This is something that can occur during an orgy. Participants become physically linked in a string of sex acts. This often can be a feature of a bisexual orgy.



An excessively stylish gay man. Usually constantly worried about his appearance and 



A very droopy or loose labia minora. Other words/phrases: bacon stripes, beef curtains



“Drug and disease free.” People use this on personal ads online for example.


Deep Throating

A type of blow job technique. This is where the giver inserts as much of the shaft of the penis into their mouth and down to the back of the throat. Sometimes the whole penis goes into the mouth and can hit the back of the throat, which can sometimes cause gagging which can be a really amazing feeling for the guy. It can cause even vomiting so be careful - unless you are into the vom!


Date Rape

When someone is forced to having sex with their date against their will. There is a drug terms 'Date Rape' and this drug is intended to be used to induce someone into having sex after having taken this drug as they will have no control of whether they chose to or not. 



A fetish for being psychologically degraded. Or the act of degrading a partner in fetish play. 



a particular type/class of woman who is known to be much more promiscuous than that of the average woman. The origin of this word comes from a french word once used to describe prostitutes.


Dental Dam

A barrier between the vagina or anus and mouth made from a small sheet of latex. Some people use this during oral sex to protect against STI's.



A hormonal contraceptive method that is injected into a girl’s arm or buttock every 12 weeks by a doctor or clinician. It works by preventing ovulation and by thickening cervical mucus to keep sperm from entering an egg. It is also known as “Depo” or “the shot.”


Devil's Threesome

A threesome which involves two men and one woman. Usually men fantasise about 2 women and one man, but hey'll go for this often if it's an option! 



A type of contraceptive device which is placed over the neck of the womb in order to stop the sperm from entering and impregnating the woman.


Dick Cheese

The other name, or the proper name for this is Smegma. It often accumulates under the foreskins of men who have not been circumcised. The name says it all. When this hasn't been cleaned properly it can smell like rotten cheese



A pretend penis or similar shaft shape usually made from a safe type of rubber or plastic that people can inset to give themselves, or their partner, sexual pleasure.


Dingle Berries

Particles of shit that cling to bum hair after a fart or due to really bad bum wiping after a poo. Synonyms: barnacles, chuffnuts, klingons.


Dinner for Two

Simultaneous oral sex. 69



A type of medical condition a man has two penises. This actually only happens in approximately 1 in every 5.5 million American men. 



A fetish, or paraphilia, where sexual pleasure is gained from spanking or even physically abusing the partner - consented of course.


Dirty Harry

A penis that is absolutely filthy and instead of a nice trimmed area, it is instead surrounded and engulfed by a mane of pubes. This can actually still be sexually appealing to some people due to its overt masculinity.


Dirty Sanchez

Putting a finger in someones anus then wiping any faeces that from their finger over that person’s lip, resulting in a poo moustache. Apparently this is more urban legend than something you may get requests for or encounter in the bedroom. 


Dirty Talk

Explicit chats about sexual acts with your partner. What you will do to them, what they will do to you. This is a way of arousing way before any sexual activity and perfect to set the tone.



Wet stuff that comes out of a penis or vagina. For girls, discharge from the vagina is normal and will happen from puberty through to the menopause. It is produced by little glands in the vagina and the cervix. It will change during the month and can make sex more pleasurable. If the discharge is a funny colour or smells unpleasant, women should visit their local NHS Sexual Health (GUM) clinic, GP or nurse, Young Persons Sexual Health, or Family Planning clinic in case of an infection. For boys, discharge from the penis is not normal and quite likely indicates an STI. The quicker it is checked out the better.



“Dick in ass.” Anal sex.


Doggy Style

A well known and well used sex position. The man has sexual intercourse, entering the woman's vagina from behind often with the woman on all fours.


The Dolphin

A very crazy sex act where man starts off penetrating the woman from behind like in doggy style, but suddenly he pulls out of her vagina and pummels his cok into her ass without warning. This apparently causes her to make an "eek eek" sound, which is really similar sound to a dolphin's distress call. 


Dominance and Submission




The partner who takes the role of the one in charge and likes to be control. Mostly this term is used for in a fetishistic relationship. Synonyms: daddy, dominatrix, master, top


Double Ended Dildo:

A double headed dildo used to insert simultaneously by two people


Double Bedder

Could mean a couple of things:

1. Shagging twice in one day but with two different partners.

2. Having sex twice in one night. Not quite as much of a challenge as No.1 but there we go!


Double Blowjob

When two people give one guy a blow job


Double Fisting

Inserting two hands made up as fists into the vagina or anus.


Double Header

1. Having sex with two people in one day - Like Double Bedder

2. A 69 between 2 men.

3. A woman who starts you off with fa blow job, then you have sex, tthen she goes back to giving you a blow job until you come.

4. When two people give one guy a blow job


Double Shot

When a man cums twice during sex.



Flushing out a vagina or anus with a solution meant to clean the inside fully. Not recommended at all for use on a vagina as it upsets the natural balance inside the vagina, but it is especially useful for the anus if you are engaging is anal play and penetration.


The outfit a person who is dressing as a different gender wears.


Drag King

A woman who adopts a male persona, usually as part of a stage act.


Drag Queen

A man who adopts a female persona as a stage act. 



A slang term for a lesbian.



Difficult, challenging, or painful sex.

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