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Sex Terms You Should Know - Letter C

Sex Terms You Should Know - Letter C


This is a feeling of intense pleasure toward the completion of a sexual act either alone or with partner(s). This is also known as an orgasm or coming (cumming - see below!). It makes your heart beat faster and your breathing change and breathe deeper. Sexual tension is released, muscles in the genital areas contract and men ejaculate, women can ejaculate, but this is not always the case. 


This is the centre of sexual pleasure in a woman's genital area. It plays no role in reproduction, and it is the only place that is there purely for your pleasure. Men do not have the luxury of this 'just for pleasure' area (one thing we have over them!). It is located under the area where the inner labia meet and form a kind of hood. 


Please see above: Climax. They mean the same thing, you can DIY with hands, sex toys (we have some great ones - did you know?!), or with partner(s) to reach the ultimate in sexual pleasure!


Also known as going down - on a woman. This is the act of stimulating the female genital area - the clitoris/vagina - but using your mouth and tongue. Oral sex is another term for this, however, cunnilingus is the act of oral sex on a woman! 

Camel Toe

 This is the phrase for when a women wearing tight fitting clothing, shows what looks like a camels toe on the front of her pubic area. You can actually see the outline of the labia majora with such tight fitting clothes like leggings or tight jeans. 

Cat Flap

The term 'Cat Flap' is used for a bisexual person, essentially one who 'swings both ways'. 


These are lice that live in pubic hair. The lice can be spread between people during sex or close contact.


Strictly speaking, chastity means not having sex outside of the marriage. However, it also means or alludes to a device that stops the ability to have any sexual interactions, including masturbation. 

Cock and Ball 

This is a type of sexual activity that involves applying pain or constriction to the penis or balls. The person on the receiving end derives pleasure from this pain is called a masochist and enjoys the flogging, hot wax, piercing squeezing or electro stimulation. 


This is another word (slang) for penis

Cock Ring

This is a device that is a ring shape that is approximately the circumference of the base of a penis. They come varying in size though! It prevents blood from escaping and strengthens the erection by placing the interlocking ring at the base of the penis.


Condom is a form of both contraceptive and helps to prevent the spread of sexual transmitted infections. The latex 'tube' goes over the shaft or an erect penis so to ensure the whole shaft is covered, and there is a little spare at the tip for once the guy ejaculates. The condom stops the sperm from going anywhere inside the other person thus prevents any pregnancy or STI (99% of the time).


This is a measure taken to avoid pregnancy. This can be in the form of a hormonal injection, the pill, a condom or even 'the snip' (for a guy). There are many other forms of contraception too. 


This is where guys can have anonymous sexual encounters in public toilets with other men.  


Another name for the groin area


A person who makes two people fall in love or gets two people together


This is a type of 'sex' that is performed remotely using phones or computers for communication over the internet so they are able to send each other sexually explicit messages




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