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Sexiest Films to Watch this 2021

One of the best ways to get intimate with your partner is by watching a film. If you think about it, watching a sexy film can get you or your partner in the ‘mood’.

To help you and your partner get into the mood, we have chosen a handful of our favourite sexy, saucy and downright dirty films. Plus, to help you recreate some of these amazing sexual scenes, along the way we have a few product suggestions that we know you will love.

1. Fifty Shades– Trilogy 

Of course, this HAD to be the first on our list. If you have been living under a rock, the fifty shades trilogy starts when a shy Anastasia meets Mr Grey. Obviously, Mr Grey is a sex god with a six pack, helicopter and has a penthouse in the city of Chicago. But not only has he got it all, he also has a special ‘sexy time’ room named, the Red Room.

To recreate your very own red room, we have a suggestion for you. Our top suggestion is this bondage black leather body suit. How cute and saucy would your partner look in this cheeky number? #WetEmoji


2. 365 Days 

365 Days came out in 2020 with a big bang (literally!) (well, lots of big bangs to be precise 😉 ). The Polish erotic film is based on the first book in the trilogy of Blanka Lipińska. The film centres around Massimo, a rich millionaire who spies on the perfect girl walking on a beach. His dad is unfortunately shot, but when he finds his dream woman in life (Laura), he kidnaps her and tells her to give it 365 days. Moving it on a little, they have loads and loads of sex basically #Hot

However, there is on scene where cuffs are used to keep Laura’s hands and feet tied. At Adult Planet, we have your back. If you and your partner would like to try this yourselves, why not buy SportSheets Beginners Bondage Fantasy. We guarantee it will keep your partner at bay whilst you pleasure them all you want.


3. Secretary 

Set back in 2002, when Maggie comes out of hospital, she becomes a secretary for a hot shot lawyer and enters a sadomasochistic relationship. The film brings in some very sexual energy and can get anyone feeling a bit tingly.

We think that roleplay in sex is essential to spicing things up. So why not try a naughty secretary scene in your bedroom? Our recommendation Corsetti Snehana Bra and Panty Set, the black lacey saucy set will get your partner in the mood for sure!


4. Sex and the City 

Okay okay, we know. It did start off as a series but there are two films that were created from the Sex and The City series. The Sex and the City film is based on a sex and love author who is about to get married in the city of NY.

Throughout the films and series, there are a few cheeky scenes that can get the waves going. To heat up your sex further, get wet wet wet with Lubido Paraben Free Water Based Lubricant. Remember, slippery the better.

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