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Every had any crazy escapades? We all have and we all love to share a good story! That’s why on Adult Planet, we’ve decided to share some of our readers ‘Sex-Capades’ which is fair to say these are weird, dirty and outrageous!

Everyone loves a cringe story and a guilty chuckle. If you would like to submit your story (annonomously of course 😜), we would love to add to our collection. 


 1. Elbow Deep

It was my first time with this guy and it was most certainly a memorable event! We had been going at it a while, getting to know each other (you know 😉). He had had me all over it was real bedroom acrobatics! Once the deed had been done and he pulled out of our ‘can’t get enough of this’ amazingly explosive first time, we realised the condom was missing. In a bit of panic, we started to google and try find out what the ‘experts’ suggest should happen in this situation. It ended in a not so pretty legs up over ears position while he had to go in elbow deep to retrieve the lost treasure! Not the end of expected that’s for sure!


2. We’ll be cumming round the mountain when we cum! 

The wife and I we on holiday in the lovely countryside, taking in nature’s offerings. It was a lovely walk, and beautiful scenery and we took the track up the hillside. We started talking a bit naughty and the naughty talk turn to filth and get us both horny as ****! After a quick look around we found a fairly private spot to have our highly aroused shag, but in honesty there wasn’t anywhere subtle to go and relieve each other. We started getting into it, and the open air and the fear of being caught was just sending us both off the scale, until in the corner of my eye I saw a family of four appear from round the corner. The only thing I could do was collapse is both into a heap on the ground pretending to have fallen over. Not sure it washed!!


3. Car Park Blunder

When my fiancé came to collect me from work one evening after a particularly long day, I was in desperate need of some sweet sweet lovin’... or just a cheeky quickie! As soon as we got back to the car park, I ripped his zip open and got straight into it. He was LOVIN’ it and we had quick and steamy sex there and then in the car park. Luckily he had found a slightly more private spot! When we’d done, he went to drive us home, and when getting to the exit of the car park - we found it locked! So embarrassed I had to call the car park security to come and let us out. The sex was worth it though!

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