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5 Things Everyone Thought About During Sex

With such busy lives we are all leading these days, the moment it comes to sex, where we know we have the opportunity to focus on the road to pleasure (for both you and your partner!), often our minds are distracted! 

Fear not, you are NOT the only one! Here are 5 things everyone has thought about during sex:

1. "Yeeeeessss, I'm having sex!"

Well, you are, so get focussed on it, being in the moment and enjoying

2. "Did I lock the door?"

This can be a stressful situation, but there is no use being anxious otherwise you just won't enjoy this sex. 

3. "Can I finish myself off with a toy, or is that odd?!"

This totally depends on you and your partner. It could be undermining if after sex you just 'whip' out a toy, however if its something you discussed then introducing a toy into the session won't appear strange but will add to you and your partners experience!

4. "Whats going on in *fill gap with favourite soap opera*?!"

Come ON! we've all done it, then shaken ourselves and got back in the moment

5. "A Hot Celeb or perhaps someone else who you fancy"

Well, if a fantasy, helps get you there, thats ok but remember you are with your partner for a reason too!

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