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The Ultimate Stockings Guide

There is so much choice out there when it comes to stockings so we have put together a guide, starting from the ground up, to help you decipher what hosiery is for you.

What’s the difference between stockings and tights?

Stockings do not hold up by themselves. You will most likely need a sexy suspender belt to help you out. This is attached to the top part of the stocking known as the welt. These come in different shapes, sizes and materials. You could have a lace welt at the top of your stocking, or it could be flat, thin or thick! 

Tights go up to the waist and have an elastic waistband to hold them up for you

We also have an additional variant thrown into the mix: the hold ups. Hold ups have a silicone band on the inside at the top of the leg which allows the material to hold up on its own. 


How to Put on Your Hosiery

1. Do not rush! One of the fatal errors that is so often made when donning your favourite stockings for your sexy occasion is rushing to put them on and accidentally ripping straight through them. No one wants this, so take your time. Firstly roll them up so you can easily put your foot into the right place on the stocking. This does help ensure you don’t rip them.

2. Have a seat. This way, if you have a little wobble, your toes won’t go straight through the main leg material of your gorgeous garments. Once your foot it in the correct position, start to unroll the stocking over your heel and up toward your thighs. 

3. Add your suspender belt. Clip this onto the top of the stocking with your leg bent and only straighten once attached. 6 strap suspender belts are by far the more robust way to wear your sexy suspenders than a 4 strap.


Washing you Hosiery

Please be gentle. It isn’t the best plan to stick these in with your general washing machine laid on a hot wash. You actually need a little more care for them to keep them good for as long as possible. It is recommended to wash in cold water with a small spoon of gentle detergent and let them soak. Leave them for between 20-30 minutes.

When you rinse your stockings, refrain totally from wringing them out or over stretching them. All you need to do is to run the cold water over them.

When drying, remove the excess water by dabbing them with a towel. You can then leave them to air drive by either hanging them up inside or out or laying them flat. Again do not stretch and be careful attaching stockings to pegs - if there is a snag with the peg it could catch the material of the stocking and you may end up with an unsightly hole.


What is Denier?

It is a strange word, but what does it mean!? This word relates to how thick your stockings are. Denier is measured by referring numerically from 1 to 70. 1 Denier is a single strand of material whereas a much higher number such as 70 would mean the stocking is very opaque and you are therefore unable to see the akin through the stocking.

The thinker the stocking, the warmer they are. So your high number denier stockings and tights are the warmest versions. However for the most popular choice due to its sexy sheen and sheer finish would be a denier between 10-15. 


Silk or nylon stockings?

Let me tell you, if you can, a pair of stockings made of 100% silk are absolutely divine. There is no Lycra in these to make them stretchy so that are made to fit! Nylon is also made to fit if it is 100% as there won’t be Lycra in these either. So for the flexible stockings comfort, try and opt for your stockings with added Lycra. 

Stockings Planet is a section of our business that focuses solely on stockings and quality hosiery. Here are our top picks: 


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