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Sex Terms You Should Know- Letter A

To call yourself a sex expert means that there are words you need to know. Even if you’re not an expert but just enjoy talking and learning about sex, you’ll need to have certain words in your vocabulary. We’ve done you the great justice of collecting those words and putting them in one place for you to study. Here the sex terms that begin with “a,” that you should know.

  • ABC sex- when a long-term, monogamous couple only engages in sex on anniversaries (A), birthdays (B) and Christmas (C).
  • ABR- the acronym for “adult breastfeeding.”
  • Ace- The shortened form of “asexual”- a term used to describe a person with no sexual attraction to another individual.
  • Acorn- A word used to describe the head of a penis. It can also refer to a small penis.
  • Airplane blonde- A term used to describe a brunette who has dyed her hair blonde but whose pubic hair is still dark.
  • Airtight- A word used to describe a woman who has a penis in her anus, vagina and mouth.
  • Ambisexual- A word used by bisexual people who believe that the word “bisexual” is too constricting.
  • Amychesis- A word that describes the act of clawing at or scratching one’s partner during sex.
  • Anilingus- The act of orally stimulating the anus. It is also called rimming.
  • Arabian googles- The act of draping one’s testicles over their partner’s eyes.
  • Ass pirate (or bandit)- A term used to describe a gay man. It can also describe a gay man who persuades heterosexual men into having sex with them. Some consider this to be a slur.
  • ATM- An acronym for “ass-to-mouth”- a term that describes the act of placing the penis in the mouth after being placed in the anus.
  • Aunt- A woman who runs a brothel.
  • Autoerotic asphyxiation- The dangerous act of choking or strangling one’s self during arousal.
  • Axilism- A fetish for armpits.
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