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I think we all know now that sexuality isn’t just something set in stone, it’s fluid and can be however we want it to be. It can open us all up and change our lives creating new experiences throughout. Some people are born knowing their sexuality, others don’t discover theirs until 40s and beyond.

There are so many terms and descriptions used to describe sexuality. The best descriptions we have come across is sexuality is your “feelings, thoughts, attractions and behaviours towards other people”. But what does it mean to be bi or be curios about bisexuality?

At Adult Planet we believe every type of sexuality should be encouraged and celebrated. We want to help you guys encourage any needs or urges that you have to create the ultimate love life.


What is Bi Curious?

Let’s kick off this blog, what is bi curious? The term bi curious is someone who is typically heterosexual, is curious in engaging or opening up about sexual activity with someone who differs from their usual sexual partner.

Basically, in simple terms, its someone who is interested in having sexual experiences with a person of the same gender. Bi curiosity is not necessarily considered as a change in lifestyle or sexual orientation. It is more of opening a gate to explore new experiences and understand more about yourself and feelings about your sexuality.

It doesn’t mean just because you are bi curious that you are straight away bisexual. When you know, you know meaning you can be whatever you’d like to be. Whether you put a label on it or don’t. Labels never define you and there is no right or wrong with sexuality.


What does it mean to be Bi Curious?

Now we have discussed the literal meaning, what does it actually mean to you? Well, basically, it means whatever it wants to you. It can mean nothing or something! Being bi curious it means you can either act on feelings, do nothing, talk to someone about your feelings or fulfil your sexual experiences. It’s up to you!

With sexuality and sex, it can be important to take everything at your pace. There are so many pressures around sexuality so take your time and do it the way you want it.

Top Tip Remember – being bi curious isn’t necessarily a change in your sexual orientation.


Exploring Bisexuality

So, you are becoming interested in in bi and fancy trying it out for yourself? Good for you! But what’s next?

There are so many ways that you can discover yourself and experiment your curiosity or sexuality. As with everything in the bedroom, you need to take it slow and find your way. If you are trying a three some for the first time, make sure to explore both the P Spot and the G Spot! The best bit about it is, whatever stage you are in life, it is never too late to start exploring yourself.

Having your First Bi Experience

Having the first bi experience can almost be like having sex again for the first time. It can be nerve-racking, exciting and everything in between. You may have lots of experience already but trying something new can always feel different. However, we have a few tips to help you through:

  • Find the Right Person
  • Take Your Time
  • Enjoy Yourself
  • Set Your Limits


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