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How to Make a Girl Squirt

‘How can I make my girl squirt?’

Squirting is the holy grail of the female orgasm, and boy, if you can do it and make your girl squirt - I virtually high five you! That being said, it’s not always down to the ‘giver’ and often takes two to tango. There is so much hype around this squirty business but even more around actually getting a woman to orgasm in the first place. Squirting though is held as some kind of sexual validation and giving people god/goddess status of the world of female orgasms! The thing is, not many people really know about this was of making a girl cum, and they don’t even know some of the other techniques either #worrying...


Orgasm Basics

Firstly, to understand the orgasm (the foundations blocks!), you will understand the methods and there are different ways women cum. Due to the complex nature of the vagina, women are aroused in different areas to different intensities. There are probably a good hand for (!) we can categorise here:

1. Clitoral Orgasm 

 Interestingly, this is the only body part that is purely for sexual pleasure. Many other areas give you pleasure - of course - but equally have another function, but not the clit! More than 90% of women have had an orgasm through clitoral stimulation, however during intercourse it can be more difficult for a women to achieve a clitoral orgasm. If the clitoris sits closer to the vaginal opening though, the woman has a much higher chance of achievement! 

2. Vaginal Orgasm

 This G-spot or vaginal orgasm comes from the sensitive nerve rich area which can be found above the front vaginal wall. This is in fact known as the g-spot. Some experts like to claim this g-spot does not exist, but women have been able to cum by making a circular ‘come here’ type motion on the area.

3. Exercise Induced Orgasm (Coregasm)

Well, here is an incentive to work out if ever I heard one! An exercise induced orgasm is a THING! Working out the core, doing squats or weights can give you a coregasm either during or just after exercise. It starts from the abdominals usually and you end in pleasure!

4. Sleep Orgasm

In your sleep you are at your most relaxed. During this time you mind goes to all sorted of places, explores all sorts of possibilities and can play out some of your deepest and maybe darkest fantasies! In your sleep you are not rushed or judged; you don’t care what you look like or if you have prepared (ladies I’m sure you know what I mean here!) and this removes the daily barriers what we sometimes impose on ourself a which inhibits us from orgasm. So the turn on can be so significant, that you can end up having a full on orgasm in your sleep. Wow!

5. Cervical Orgasm 

Known also as a full body orgasm, this is one of the most powerful orgasms a woman can have. Go girl! The feeling of orgasm stretches through your whole body from head to toe. A huge wave of sheer pleasure! This can be achieved through deep vaginal penetration, and sex therapists highly recommend a good warm up and a few different positions before going doggy style to get in as deep as possible!

6. Anal Orgasm

The anus is another very sensitive area, with many nerve endings found on the inside of the anal walls. This makes it a very sensitive erogenous zone giving women the opportunity to derive much pleasure from anal sex.  

7. Other Orgasms

These include U-spot orgasm,  expanded sexual response, nipple induced orgasm and a-spot orgasm.

Squirting from Orgasms

Urinary bladder discharge (squirting) is one of two ways in which women can ejaculate. Prostate ejaculation is the second. But both these kinds of ejaculations are urethral as opposed to vaginal 

A woman, or her partner (!) will know when she has squirted because the fluid that shoots out is a clear, odourless fluid. If a women has pee’d before sex, no urine should be present, however if she hasn’t there could well be a little urine mixed in. 

Prostate ejaculation come from an orgasm involving the g-spot. To tell the difference you can look at the fluid as this is a milky, viscous fluid. 

There are other types of female ejaculate too, as the above are defined as urethral, the following are vaginal! Gushing and creaming. Both great names and perfectly descriptive of the result of a woman’s ultimate pleasure. Gushing is when a significant amount of fluid is released from the vagina during penetration. Creaming is something that taoists believe to mean the woman is a mighty lover indeed! No one know where this comes from, but it is a white, viscous fluid. 

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